The Lesson understood. – La lección aprendida.


As much as it could be important for a student to know what they are doing and what is causing the problem that they have.

I do not show them a video of what they are doing, until they are successfully playing their intended shot understanding how and what they did to achieve it.

When they see their self on a video playing the shot, they can then retain positive mental image together with the knowledge and how it feels, to play the shot.


Tan importante puede ser para un alumno saber que está haciendo, como la causa del problema que piensa que tiene.

Yo no les muestro un video jugando un tiro, hasta que son capaces de conseguir con éxito jugar el tiro y entender cómo y que han hecho para ejecutarlo.

Cuando se ven en video jugando un buen tiro, pueden retener en su mente una imagen positiva, junto con el conocimiento y la sensación de como jugar ese tiro.

4 thoughts on “The Lesson understood. – La lección aprendida.”

    1. Thank you Peter.
      The student has to know, how to do what they have decide to do and understand what they did. So that when they see themself on video the have a good positive image in here mind.
      This helps them to make a similar play at another time.
      Best regards

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    1. Hello and thank you,

      “To play a good golf shot, you do not hit the ball, the clubhead hits the ball, you swing the clubhead!”
      Golf is a reasonably simple game to play but very complicated to analyze constructively. Firstly, you play, then afterwards the play can be analyzed to assist in improving if need be.
      All of this depends on the desires and intentions of the player.
      “Center of Gravity Effects”
      This video is Something to think on.
      Happy Swinging

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