Putting and the Putter

Putting and the Putter

The accounts record of King James IV of Scotland show an invoice for the purchase of golf clubs and balls to the value of 14 shillings dated 21st September in 1502. From the types of the clubs that were purchased he played the long and not only the short game.

This leads me to think that it is logical that the game was first played from short distances into the hole. Therefore presume that as the players got more efficient in holing out the distances were increased up to the point when another club, one with a longer shaft to produce more potential using the same movement, was needed to play the ball to the hole.

The same thought process leads on to think that the percentage of playing the ball into the hole would be more difficult, many times the ball would be a short distance from the hole and to play the shorter distance to complete the play on the hole the short club was used. This club is called the putter.

I believe that the putting stroke is a short version of the full swing!

The backward movement of the putting stroke using only your shoulders is the starting movement for every swing.

So here is a video to help practise and understand putting and the putting stroke (swing).


Happy swinging,
Tom McCowan.



Having watched The Masters on television for years I find there are times when at any golf course when I am standing on the tee or walking down the fairway looking towards the green when the sunlight is forming irregular areas of shade on the green grass, it becomes easy to think on what inspired Bobby Jones to convince Clifford Roberts an astute banker and the golf course architect Dr. Allister Mackenzie to join forces and create his masterpiece. He built his dream course over the 365 acres of the real estate with known as Fruitland Nurseries together with the beautiful local varieties of flowering trees and bushes also had a variety of other exotic species from around the world. One of these is the excellent examples of the magnolia trees that line the entrance driveway to the clubhouse of Augusta National Golf Club. Home of the ‘Masters’.
Jones idea of having his own championship played for by the best golfers in the world, Master golfers playing top class competitive golf, with impeccable sportsmanship playing within the rules of the game he loved, over his most beautiful course, and meticulously prepared for the event. I f not the best course in the world, it is one of the best. An excellent example of all his ideas.

The championship that will be played over this same beautiful golf course for eightieth time this year, started as an invitational event for all his friends to come and play a 72 hole stroke play competition, initially named the Augusta National Masters Championship, now called simply the ‘Masters’. The first of the four championships that make up the Grand Slam of golf.
The USGA´s annual award for sportsmanship is named after Bobby Jones in appreciation of his form of playing this wonderful game. His example, dedication and contribution to the game together with all the other elements should not be spoiled.
There are elements that could go against the dream, which for him came true. It would be a great shame if any of this was lost, due to commercial interests and television audience numbers.

Happy swinging
Tom McCowan.