Inspiration and gratitude.


Two particular students inspired Tom to write this book and they are referred to throughout this book. Peter and Marlies Nagel spend several weeks each year on the Costa Blanca, enjoying the sunshine, sea and now also their golf. They, like many of his other students, requested that Tom scribble down some notes or provide them with video footage so that they could have something to help them practise when they returned to their homeland. When they practised they wanted not only to hear his voice telling them what to do but also have visual access to what he was teaching.

We want to play golf!

commentPeter, Marlies & Tom: Alicante Golf Practice ground.


We considered ourselves very lucky several years ago when we met Tom McCowan because from that day our golf lives completely changed. From trying to hit at a golf ball we have become swingers of the golf club and our pleasure from the game has increased enormously.

Tom has taught us how to swing the golf club and we can assure you that once you have felt that ‘swing feeling’ you want to feel it again each and every time.

The simple but confident way in which Tom gives his instructions makes you believe that you can do it. This confidence is the key to his system and after a while you start to recognise his words and then the swing feeling comes. With his leadership, strength and force disappear from your swing and, with a nice, soft feeling; the ball goes farther and straighter.

These are not just words, it is our experience.

Like everyone, we are not so young any more and as we now play rather a lot of golf it is of tremendous importance that, with the help of Tom’s lessons, all our physical problems have gone.

Over the years Tom has written us notes, most often on the serviettes in the coffee shop, just to remind us of things to do when we go home. The end result is that he has written us all a book.

We feel that if you read this book and follow his instructions, you will play better and enjoy your golf as much as we do now.

Good luck and best wishes,
Your loyal students
Peter & Marlies Nagel.