The book

So you want to play golf ?

Is the result of the years I have spent teaching people to play golf; many of my students knew very little about golf and many were not native English speakers. My style of teaching is based on the positive aspects of playing golf and the golf swing.

Golf teaching has two distinct types of students; The Beginner and The experienced player.

Golf teaching tends to be correcting errors, rather than explaining and demonstrating what would be a more effective way to do things. Why teach corrective golf when students don’t know what golf is or what to do? They will learn from and understand only what they have been taught. What has to be taught is what the student needs to do correctly.

Corrective teaching can only work as such, when teaching experienced golfers that want to make and improve their swing and have good basics.

This list is for the Beginners. For the experienced player the order of the list becomes; f), g), h) a), b), c), d),e).

  • The different aspects of the game and how to play a game of golf.
  • The etiquette of the game.
  • The basic skill of swinging a golf club
  • The equipment needed to play and how it works.
  • To understand that what we need to do is, to make a swing with a golf club in a form that provides us with the control over the ball’s direction, distance, to be able to play it where we want it to go.
  • Improve the mental approach to their play.
  • Make the swing movement more efficient.
  • Improve performance with better course management.
  • I have prepared some videos using my book to understand the importance of how the wrists work in the golf swing.


1. The pressure of the hands and fingers on the clubs handle.

2. The clubs handle is thin and tapered so when held in the fingers with the correct pressure the wrists can move easily.

3. Combine videos 1 and 2 with the golf posture and the swing movement.

4. Now put it all together; change the book for a golf club.

This angle on which the clubhead is to being swung is the swing plane angle.

“To play a good golf shot, you do not hit the ball, the clubhead hits the ball, you Swing the clubhead!”

My books, “So…You want to play golf? And “¿Quieres jugar al golf?” (Contain more than 50,000 words and more than 500 photos).
A slightly updated version is available in eBook format and is available in most internet bookstores in English ( , and in Spanish from the bookstore

Happy swinging

Tom McCowan