Is Golf Difficult?

It is not so difficult when one thinks correctly.

It is only very difficult when one wants to play par or better over the golf course.
When one has the technical knowhow, but the natural instinct combined with human logic that dictates how can I play golf if I don’t hit the ball. The harder I hit the ball the farther it will travel; therefore the better I’m going to play. WRONG! Wrong horribly wrong! To the point when we think, what am I doing here, better to throw my clubs in the lake?
Golf is a game of precision and not distance. The good golfers can combine power (to achieve distance) with the precision. For this reason we have to think correctly when we execute each and every shot. A ball played a long way but in the wrong direction is not exactly what is wanted and possibly will be lost or finish outside the limits of the course.

It should be remembered that the physical effort in playing golf is the walking with a good rhythm, not the hitting of the ground or the ball during play.
Every physical movement that you make is controlled by an order from the brain.
The mind dominates all your physical movements.
Organization of your intentions is therefor fundamental in giving the order to play a shot.
Golf is; playing the ball to a specific place by intention.

Rule 1-1:
The game of golf consists of playing a ball with a club from the Teeing Ground until it is holed out with a stroke or successive strokes all in conformation with the rules.

As golf is a game of precision the ‘Hole’ measures only, four and a quarter inches (10.8 centimetres) in diameter, has a minimum depth of four inches (10 centimetres), and is cut into the ground on what is called the putting green, or simply the green. To allow the hole location to be seen, its position is marked with a tall, thin flagstick that normally has a coloured flag fixed to the top and is placed in the centre of the hole.
It is said that, “golf is an easy game. It is only hard to play well”. Meaning that, the players make the game harder than is necessary when they do not think correctly. The game is much simpler when we think correctly, decide the shot and make a swing to the finish, remember it is the Forward Swing that controls the effect of the club face on the ball and the line of the shot.

When playing golf, we never say, do not do! We must be positive and always say do!

Practise thinking correctly; execute the shot you have decided on.

The golf swing correctly executed is a balanced rhythmical movement that requires little physical effort; it therefor looks so very easy, when we see the top professionals that make good forward swings on television. This has taken them very many hours of practicing their swing playing balls.

Enjoy your golf,
Tom McCowan PGA España

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